suite life of zack and cody-who are you most like?

suite life of zack and cody-who are you most like?

If you have ever watched suite life of zack and cody than your childhood was awesome!! It sucks thAt the show is over but now you can see who you are most similar to on the show!!!

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During your free time what do you like to do?

Read a good book
Go shopping!!! Duh
Plan your next prank
Go outside to the skate park
Hang out with your friends and just chill
Study for the big test coming up

What is your favourite color

A light blue, green, or pale pink
Anything bright!
Well it depends on my mood and what activities I will be doing that day....
Anything as long as I can wear it to the skate park
All I care about are my books

What do you and your friends do when you vet together

Fashion show
Just talk about random things and hang out
Go over our homework for the next day
Play basketball

What is your favourite class at school

Math, or maybe science, I don't know I like them all!!
Gross! Who actually likes school!

What is your dream job?

Professional athleat
Fashion designer
Stay at home parent

On a scale from 1-5 how much do you care about your appearance?

5 that's all I care about
I don't care as long as I can run around and feel comfy in it