does he like you? (6)

does he like you? (6)

Does he want to be more than friends, or was it just all in your head?

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Do you have a lot of inside jokes?

Yes a ton! And he remembers them all!!
Yea we have a few...
No he only talks to my friends..

Does he have a girlfriend

Yes and they are totally in love
Yes but he doesn't seem very interested in her
Nope he is too busy hanging out with me and his
If you count me as his girlfriend then yes :)

Who starts the conversations?

Always you
Normally him
You never talk
I do but he never listens...

Do you have a lot in common

Yes!!!! We have so many things in common and our
personalities are similar too
Yea we have a few things in common
We have similar personalities
No way we are complete opposite.... wait is that

Does he tease you

Yes all the time! And I love it
Sometimes if he is in a good mood
No way he hardly says hi to me