what boy should i choose?

what boy should i choose?

i cnt decide which boy i should choose , im torn between two can u help me?

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what is the better pick up line?

are you from tennese because your the only i see!
i think theres something on my lip come a little closer and have a look
none pick up lines are just cheesy

say there are two boys falling off a cliff who would you save....

well i would save the one who never makes mistakes
id laugh at them
the jealous jerk because even though he gets jealous its because he loves you

who is better looking euan or deven...

they are both ugly as eachother
euan ,he has lovely brown hair which flows the right way ,and dark green eyes just like me
deven ,because he has very nice tanned skin ,and gorgeous brown hair wich spikes up ,intense brown eyes

who would be a better boyfriend?

.... is kind conciderate gentle protective
.... there just boys no-one is better
jealous jerk but caring loves you makes mistakes

would you rather the boy tell you who he fancied 2nd after you

as long as your 1st
well no because you dont want it to ruin your relationship
id rather him be honest than not
it depends on if its like your bff or if its someone you dont even know
absoloutly not why would i