How good of girlfriend to me would you be to me?

How good of girlfriend to me would you be to me, answer questions about personalty mainly.

published on June 15, 201379 responses 18
How good of girlfriend to me would you be to me?
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When you listen to country music, you enjoy it a lot?

Oh hell ya, just let me get my cow girl boots and we
can start dancing to Florida Georgia line. Or some
other country band! What one do you like?
Maybe a little or don't really care for it, but don't hate
I dont like country music! I find it annoying! I hate it!

How religious are you?

My faith is a big part of my life!
Eh, i dont care or haven't even questioned it. Or no opinion. Or somewhere else in the middle.
I might believe in a higher power but that's about it. I find religion annoying. I have a personal probelm with people going crazy over the bible.

You like video games?

A little.

How much do you know about computers and technology?

I know how to use technology but don't understand how it works.
I know a good amount!
If this page is made using a thing called html, and you know what html stands for click here.

You like alt rock or maybe some punk pop?

Whats that?
Eh a little but i like some other kind of music better.
Jimmy eat world, Foo fighters, Green day, Paramore, Fall out boy, Weezer, Flyleaf, Blink 182, My chemical romance, breaking Benjamin. If you like this style of music click here.

I can tell you personal stuff that i wont tell any one else? Can i trust you?
I will do the same for you of course.

Eh no
Yea your secrets are safe in my heart!

We can support each other when we fill upset or down?

Maybe, sometimes
Of course is that not what a relationship is for?

Your pretty chill and easy going and relaxed?

No i am crazy!
I gees?

Really how hot are you?

Eh i am ugly!
Somewhere in the middle
Yea i am on the higher end of the scale.

Last question, What matters most to you, looks, personality or a mixster of both?