Which Dark Forest warrior are you?

Which Dark Forest warrior are you?

If you were an evil warriors cat in the Dark Forest which one would you be? Remember you are evil in your clan and none of the choices are good!

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If you had to kill one of these cats who would it be?


What color do you want to be?

ginger and white
gray tabby
dark brownish-black tabby
thick, dark-striped tabby
silver and black tabby
brown and white tabby

An enemy warrior is seen hunting in your territory. He is alone and does not see you. You do not wish to run for backup...How do you take care of this cat?

Dash forward and slash open his throat
Claw him mercilessly
Convicnce him to give you his prey and have him hunt for you for the next moon. In return you won't tell your leader of his trespassing
Muder him by biting the back of his neck
Ally with him to convince him to overthrow ypour leader
Pounce on him from behind and kill him

A loner is wounded just outside your territory. She sees you and begs for help. But you're not about to take her into your camp...

Sneer at her weakness and kill her
Turn around and leave her to die
Laugh cruelly and claw her spine
Threaten to hurt her more unless she leaves
Threaten her before killing her
Kill her

You are banished from your clan. WHat crime did you commit?

Taking a mate from another clan
Killing kits
Stealing food for yourself while letting the elders starve to death
Murdering the deputy
Poisoning a kit
Plotting to overthrow your clan with enemy warriors

What color are your eyes?

Ice blue
Bright green
Deep blue
Dark amber

WHat clan do you come from?

I don't have a clan, I'm a rogue

How badly do you want to be leader...

Oh yes, it's time for me to take over
I'll settle for claiming deputy
I want to be leader!
I'll do anything to get that power!
Leader? I want to rule ALL the clans!
I just want revenge

You find a lost, scared kittypet deep in your territory. There are no other cats around to see what you do...

Attack, attack, ATTACK!!
Threaten it menacingly and claw it!
Kill the worthless, weak thing
Drive it off after shredding it!
Main and kill this intruder!
Kill it and walk away

Your leader is on her last life. You're alone with her, and you're the deputy, and there are some deathberries nearby. WHat will you do?

Stuff some deathberries in a mouse nad feed it to the leader
Tell her her time is up and shred her
Kill her right there with your teeth and lie to the clan, saying a dog attacked her
Rip out her throat
Force her to eat the deathberries
Feed her deathberries and kill her with your claws

How evil are you on a scale of one to ten?