Are you socially awkward?

Are you socially awkward?

Are you one with society or are you an introvert? Find out in this supercalifragilisticexbialadoucious quiz!

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You're invited to a party. Do you go?

I don't. People think I'm a weirdo so I really don't go to
parties. :( And besides I don't have to communicate
with people
Yeah! I can't wait to see my amigas!!!! And I love to
meet new people!
Yeah but only half of the people actually make an effort to talk to me. I only speak to people who are nice to me in the beginning

It's the day of the party and the whole grade is talking about it. How do you get to the party?

I go with the host and her friends to the party
My friends and I get one of our parents to drive us
My friend who was invited takes me as her uninvited guest
I don't. I just stay home and play pokemon

You're getting new seats and you get put by some girls who aren't your friends. How do they react

They introduce themselves and chat with me a little but they dont become my friends
They scoot away from me and only speak to me if they need a pencil or something
They start talking to me and we become friends

You see someone from school at a store and you're wearing pajamas. How do they react.

They smile, way hi and say, "Oh my gosh girl, why are you wearing pajamas? They're cute though" and we both giggle
They smile and wave
They mutter under their breathe and look at me with a look of disgrace

You buy a cute new shirt. Do people complement you?

Oh my gosh! Like everyone in school walks up to me and complements my shirt
My friends, teachers and some other people from school complement me
Only a few friends and teachers complement me

What do you think when people ignore you?

I wonder if they're mad at me or something.
I panic. I'm like never ignored.
I don't care. IT just means another person joined the club of people who hate me. No biggy

You have a group project. How do people react to your ideas

No one even listens to me. They dont even acknowledge my existance. I could leave for the entire rest of the school year and these people wouldn't even know :(
Yeah! In fact they try my idea first
They're skeptical at first but they later try my idea