Are you a good friend? (4)

Are you a good friend? (4)

This quiz is to see how good of a friend you are. You could be a great friend that everyone can count on, or a bad friend that nobody can count on. Hopefully you get the answer you want! Take it and find out!

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If your friend comes to you with advice about a guy she likes and you like him to, what do you say? ANSWER HONESTLY.

You can't like him because he is mine and all mine! Back
off beotch!
I support you and you should totally ask him out!

When a new kid in your class is weird and they get assigned to the seat next to you, do you talk to them and make them feel welcome? Or do you put them down and make fun of them?

Make them feel welcome! They deserve to be accepted
and put up even if they are a little weird.
Put them down and make fun of them. They are stupid
and it would be funny to make fun of them in class and
make the class laugh.

When your group of friends is making fun of another kid that is also your friend, but you only hang out with sometimes. Do you join in with your group of friends or defend the one they are making fun of?

Join in because they are my friends and I don't want to
make a fool of myself in front of them.
Stand up for my other friend even though my group of
friends is more popular. It still isn't right!

You notice one of your friends starts to act different than her normal self. You ask what is wrong and she says she is depressed and is cutting. How do you respond?

Try to help her out and tell her that she is beautiful
and worth being cared for.
Tell her she is weird and Emo and that you don't want
to be her friend anymore.
Tell her to ask someone else because you don't know
what to say and ho to help her. You secretly think she
is weird but you don't want to tell her that.

How did you feel about this?

I loved it! It entertained me :)
Ehhh....could've been better.

Your friend calls you names and you still want to be friends with them, but they are calling you mean things. What do you do?

Make her feel bad about it. Tell her what is wrong with
Try and solve it so you two can still be friends and
always have each others back.
Do nothing about it and let her deal with the fact she
lost a friend.

When your friend just broke up with their boyfriend and is completely crushed by it and they ask you out, what do you say?

I'm sorry but my friend just broke up with you and I
don't think it would be a good idea to date you right
Dayum! You fine boy! How about we forget my friend
and go out together....;)
I have to ask my friend if it's ok because you guys just
broke up and I want to see if she would be ok with it.

When you tell one of your new friends a secret that you have had for a long time because you trust them. The next day you figure out they told a lot of people and they make fun of you for it. What do you do?

Yell at your friend for being a d-bag for telling the
whole school your secret.
Tell your friend that you trusted them and tell them
that you can't be friends with them anymore since they
totally ruined your life.
Tell them that you forgive them and that you'll give
them a second chance, even if you don't want to be
friends with them anymore.

One of your best guy friends comes to school with a black eye. He also has bruises. You ask him what happened and he says his father abused him because he told him he was gay. How do you react?

Tell him his father was right to beat him up because
being gay is unacceptable.
Say that you will help support him in being gay and
that it isn't weird to be gay.

You see one of your friends being cyber-bullied by another group of friends you have. Do you stick up for your friend or the group?

Fight back the group of friends and tell them to eff off
Join in because you want to keep street cred.(omg
street cred. cx)
Lay back and watch the funny comments come up
about your friend.