What kind of GF are you?

What kind of GF are you?

This is a fun test too see if you are a mean, nice sassy gf and more! Please play this test and follow me sadie8111!

published on June 04, 2013100 responses 19
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In school are you mean, nice, or a drama queen?

Drama queen

What if on your date, your BF dressed not very nice? What would you do?

Don't care that much and let it go.
Say that we have to go shoping for new clothes.
You poured water on the shirt and said go change.

Are you good in school?


What kind of GF do you think you are nice mean, or drama queen?

Nice GF
Mean GF
Drama Queen GF

If your friend loved your Bf what would you do?

Say he is mine and back off.
Say he is mine but you can still like him.
Say: " There will be a killing in your bedroom tonight."

If you saw you boyfriend talk to his ex, what would you do?

Throw a drink in her face and say he is mine.
Say is she can please go away. Or let him talk to her.
Say we are over and push him and hit him.

What is your BF had a annoying pet that your hate and he would not get ride of it? What would you do?

Kill it.
Say me or that animal.
Try to be friends with the pet.

What would be the perfect date?

A nice and cheap restaurant that both of you like.
A place that only you like and it is a lot of money.
A place that you both like but you say you hate it if you found out that his ex likes it.