Which lip gloss flavor are you?

Which lip gloss flavor are you?

Lip gloss comes in a lot of different scents and flavors. Which one fits your personality? (Just like with some of my other quizzes, I'll be assuming everyone who takes this is a girl. Sorry if I offend you.)

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Which animal fits your personality the most?

Dove - they're caring
Peacock - they look sophisticated
Lion - so brave
Wolf - they're chill
Dolphin - they are friendly
Tiger - they're strong
Owl - they represent wisdom

Which outfit would you most likely wear to school?

A skirt, leggings, a cute shirt, and flats
Heeled boots, jeans, a crisp shirt, and a blazer
A cool dress and sandals
Loose jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt
Leggings, flip flops, and a graphic tee
Sneakers, shorts, and a tank-top
A button-up shirt, khaki pants, and loafers

What do you usually do on the weekend?

Arts and crafts
Go shopping
Chill out
Hang out with my friends
Play outside
Read or study

What is your dream job?

Fashion designer
The CEO of my own company

Which painting would you most like to see?

The forest
A flower
A cityscape
Probably the beach
Abstract, of course!
The mountains
Any portrait

Which of these words describes you best?


You find out your crush likes another person. What's your reaction?

I cry - I'll never ever ever be happy again!
So what? Crushes are just silly, immature things.
I go tell my friends and they comfort me
I take deep breaths and try not to let it affect me
Well, hopefully I'll find another guy!
I'll make him like me! I go up to him and tell him how I feel.
It doesn't bother me that much

You tell your BFF a huge secret and she promises not to tell, but you find out she let it slip. What do you do?

I tell her how I feel and ask her why she did it
I say, "I trusted you, and you let me down. Why?"
I storm off - I can find another friend
I talk to her about it and we make up
I go to my other friends and they give me advice
I get super mad and yell at her
I don't care - it doesn't really matter

Which color do you relate to most?

Intense red
Outgoing orange
Intelligent yellow
Earthy green
Popular blue
Calm indigo
Peaceful purple

If you could only eat one food/drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?