Would I date you?(Boys only)

Would I date you?(Boys only)

This quiz is to see if I would want to date you or not. Appearance isn't the key for me, personality is most of it. So take this to see what you got. lol

published on June 03, 201347 responses 9 4.3★ / 5

What do you think your personality is and how do people see you?

The athletic jock that all the girls want. People tell me
I'm hot and I get lots of girls.
I am a creative person. I am also smart and slightly
funny. I make people laugh when they are sad, too.

Are you one of the "popular crowd" or just normal, a few friends?

I am a really popular guy that everyone wants and
knows. I am one of the most popular kids in school.
I have a few friends that I am loyal to and that I would
do anything for.

Are you into video games?

Eh...I play them when I have nothing better to do.
More like never.

What color is your hair and eyes?

Blonde hair and blue eyes. :)
Brown hair and brown eyes.
Other. I swear to you I'm hot.

What do you do during free time? (Or when you are bored)

Play on my computer or watch TV. I like hanging out
with my friends, too.
Playing sports and going to my sports games and being
active is my favorite.
I like to help my family around the house. And I like to
study for any upcoming tests so I don't fail my class or
any tests.

Do you think I'm pretty or ugly?

Yes. You are beautiful.
Ew what is that creature?
A little I guess...decent.

Do you mind if I might be slightly overweight? (I think I'm huge but people tell me I'm not)

Yes. If you're like that you are repulsive and I will
never date a fat girl.
No. I think everyone is unique and only beauty on the
inside matters.<3

How old are you?

8-10 or younger
15-18 or older