What do you hide behind your eyes? (1)

What do you hide behind your eyes? (1)

This is my first quiz (>_<) .. and if you want to be friends with me just add me at facebook "Joline Preligera" please enjoy the quiz!

published on May 29, 2013158 responses 27 4.4★ / 5

What's your favorite color?

Red & Black
Pink! Pastel Colors!
Any lively colors!
What's the use of this?

What are you thinking now?

My Crush, bf/gf
My Problem
Happy moments! lol xD
I dont know

You are being bullied, what do you do?

Tell it to my bf or to an adult !
I'm not getting bullied i'm being loveed by everybody!
Just do nothing....

What do you often do?

Hangout with my bf/gf , or spy my crush!
Laughinggg! xD
Do nothing
Be Alone and Stay Alone

Do you think you're okay?

Nope, ju-just leave me alone, you would never
Yep, 'cause i'm with my gf/bf