Are you Charming, Tate, James, or Nick?

Are you Charming, Tate, James, or Nick?

This goes along with the story Where Trouble Lies. To find out more about the book go to:

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Your friend has been talking bad about you behind your back. What do you do?

Shrug it off. The were obviously just hating.
Take the high road. I'll sleep with his/her
Punch him/her in the face then laugh when he/she goes home crying.
Two can play at that game. I'll spread rumors twice as fast and twice as scandalous.

You're at a football game and you get to your seat, but someone sat in it already. What do you do?

Knock him out of the seat. It was never his to begin with.
Flirt with some girl and get her to let me sit next to her.
Pay him to move. What else was I going to use that money on? A ho tdog?
Become friends with him and see if he'll move seats.

You're at a party and you're playing truth or dare with your friends. What are you most likely to do?

Listen to everybody's truths and then when it's your turn, suddenly have a small bladder.
Pay someone to dare you to kiss the girl/boy you've been meaning to get with.
Choose truth and then instead of answering the question, tell the longest, funniest story you know so everybody will forget what you were supposed to say.
Drink a beer on the sideline, watching teens be idiots.

What would you rather be when you grow up?

Doesn't matter. My future is set anyways.
Public Relations
The world is my oyster. Do I have to decide now?
A CEO. That way I get the power and the girls.

What could you absolutely NOT live without?

The opposite sex. Literally. No one would be alive if only girls lived.
My phone.

What is something you look for in a friend?

A great sense of humor
If they're connected socially
Nothing. I usually just come by great friends

What is your favorite class in school?

I HATE school

What gets you up in the morning?

My alarm clock
My mom screaming that I'm late
My internal clock
Nothing, but the drive to get my "buddy" out of my house before my parents see what I was up to the night before

What is your goal in school?

To get an acceptable education
To get the latest gossip
To get with the girl/boy walking down the hall
To get even with the guy who knocked me out last year

Who do you think you are?