Republican or democrat?

Republican or democrat?

This quiz is made to find out who you really are. A republican with conservative views or a democrat with liberal views. It will allow you to select your opinions and will give you a result at the end of your quiz. Enjoy!!!

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What are your views on abortion [the killing of babies before birth]?

I'm pro-choice meaning I think the women should have
the right to choose what they want to do with the
fetus inside of them.
I'm's the killing of an innocent human being
who never even gets the chance to experience life or
see the world for the first time due to someone's
selfish actions.
I can see either side of the argument. I think their should be exceptions in the cases of rape or incest or the mother's health is at stake, but the killing of an innocent baby is wrong.

Health Care?

Maintain PRIVATE health care with tax breaks to individuals. Reform Medicare, [Obamacare]
Nationalize healthcare and expand Medicare in many ways.

Role of Government?

Less government/Less taxes
More government/More taxes

What's your views on Benghazi?

What's Benghazi?
I think it's horrible that Americans pleaded for help and protection and all the US did was absolutely nothing. Hilary Clinton even tried to brush it off her shoulder.
While the killing of the people at the American Embassy was absolutely horrible, I don't think it would have been safe for the US to send troops into Benghazi to help them. I think more lives would have been lost.

Gun Control?

Ban guns
Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

What's your position on illegal immigrants?

They're stealing American jobs and causing the economy to lose money! They should be deported back to where they came from! Plus they don't even pay taxes to support the country they ILLEGALLY immigrated to.
Illegal immigrants should have to go through the same process as legal immigrants but should be welcomed into the country after the process is complete.
They help the economy because of the purchases they make such as food and clothing. We want to welcome people into America because we are a free country.


Give welfare only to the people who need it and are either searching for a job, handicapped, or incapable of getting a job. Don't give money to the crack heads who get high. Although people do make mistakes, people shouldn't have to give up the money they worked hard for on people who don't do anything all day long.
Give money to the people who need it no matter how messed up they may be. People make mistakes and we should help them when they fall.

National Defense?

Decrease spending on the military, cutting wages of the soldiers who die for the Americans' freedom.
Increase spending on the military for more defense. Increasing the pay of soldiers who die for the Americans' freedom.