Are you a true friend? (1)

Are you a true friend? (1)

Are you a true friend... Found out ;) Answer these simple questions ... And find the answer Lol

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Your Invited to a Party. But your friend isn't :'( What do you do?

Who Cares!? Go to the party anyway!
Take your Friend to the party. Break the rules? Never heard of that ;)
Stay home with your Friend.Who cares about a dumb Party?

Someone is Bullying your Friend. What do you do?

Tell the Bully To ''Back Off!'' And tell The Teacher
Go to the washroom And Cry :'(
Join In with the Crowd And Watch...

Your friend got a haircut That looks like a boy :O :( What do you do?

Tell her it looks great! <3 And Her hair will grow longer anyways ;)
Tell her It Looks Bad... But talk it out with her... Honesty Is the best Policy. Arn't I Right?
Laugh in her face And say she looks like a 4 year old boy just for fun...

Your Friend got the Main Part in the school Play. But she broke her leg. She asks you to do it. But you have stage fright... What do you do?

HECK NO! Who does she think she is!?
I quickly get someone who would like the part. You don't wanna do something. Why force yourself?
Its your friend. Of course I would do it... ;)

Your friend Tries on a Dress for you she bought at the Mall. You don't like it what do you do?

Lie. And make her wear it so everyone laughs at her. Lol
Tell her it Looks Great. Shes your friend. I don't wanna hurt her Feelings...
Say It's okay But you can do better. Then you help her ;)