Personality Quiz ;)

Personality Quiz ;)

My Quiz Is About ... ''Whats your Personality?'' You answer my Questions and get the answer! Have Fun ;)

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The weekend is here!!! ;) What are your plans?

Shopping With Friends!
Biking... Swimming... Tennis... Vollyball
I would do anything to spend time with my Mom ;)

You got the school play! And your the main part... Whats Your Reaction? ;)

Really Scared... :O
Totally Exited!!!
Whatever... At least The populars will be watching! ;)

What kind of personality do you think you are?


You really wanted to go to the movies with your friends... But they said they couldn't go... What do you say?

WHAT NO!!! You Are NOT My friend anymore!
I understand, Thanks Anyway ;)
You just walk away...

You forgot to study for a math test... Yesterday... You get back your test... You Happy?

Dont... Ask
I'm going off the computer to cry...