are you right for each other?

are you right for each other?

are you really right for each other or is that you friends or brain talking.Well take this test i am 99.9 % sure you wont be worrying anymore

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why do you love him

because he buys me stuff
he makes me happy when i'm feeling down
he makes me laugh

do you love that person?

100% yes
never in a million years
sort of
can get annoying but i love him

if he broke up with you what would you do?

i don't even want to think about that
go an find some one new
tell him you still love him and sweet talk him into getting back together
cry till your eyes are dry

how important is looks in your relatinship

3/4 of the relation ship
1/5 of the relation ship
0 % of the relation ship
1/3 of the relation ship

how long do you plan on being together

forever hes my soul mate
mabey a year then ill ditch him
most likely 2-4 years
i don't know i don't think that far in life

were do you see your self in 10 years time?

married with two kids
i don't know it never really came to mind
deeply in love with the same guy
single and dating

its his b-day what do you get him?

nothing he didn't get me any thing
a ps3 game
concert tickets
a home made presant

if you see him flirting with another girl what do you do?

tell her to back off hes my man
make her feel jealous so she'll walk away
ignore it
tell him its over
tell your self that hes just talking as a friend

if it was a wet and windy day and you both were cold and wet what would you do

hug each other to keep warm
snatch his jacket and let him shiver
both just shiver next to each other
who cares you dont get cold

why are you actually taking the quiz right now

because i am not sure where i am in the relation ship
just trying to find answers
because i dislike the guy and i am seeing if its the right choise
just for fun