Your Personality In Your Group of Friends

Your Personality In Your Group of Friends

In your group of friends, everyone has a different personality. Take this quiz to find out which one you are! :)

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Your nail polish just chipped, do you

A. Laugh it off and fix it later.
B. Quickly fix it so it's not a concern.
C. Cry and go to the salon.
D. Just leave it, it really doesn't bother you.

Your gym teacher asked you to join the basketball team, do you

A. Laugh in your teacher's face
B. Feel pressured and politely decline
C. Quickly respond, "Um, no way! I could die!"
D. Decide to try out, how awesome of your teacher to notice your talent!

You failed your driver's license test, you

A. Make sounds of cars crashing and realize you better work on studying those road signs!
B. Keep riding your bike for now and study your hardest
C. Freak out and bribe your brother to keep driving you around until the next test
D. Notice that other smart people failed too, you're not worried, you'll get it next time

In yoga class, you accidentally let one rip, you

A. Giggle lightly, then blame it on someone else saying, "Oh Brian, that's disgusting!"
B. Try to hide how red your face is and hope no one noticed
C. Notice people smirking in your direction, you say, "What is your problem loser!"
D. Say, "Oh well, everyone does it!"

Your friend just found out that her dog died, you

A. Create a pretend light-hearted ceremony on the spot to put a smile on your friends face
B. Instantly go to the store and by a meaningful sympathy card
C. Burst into tears and call in sick so you can spend the day with your friend, even though you thought her dog was gross and stinky.
D. Console your friend and remind her that time heals all pain

It's the day of your prom and you wake up with a giant pimple right between your eyes, you

A. Take a brown eye liner and pretend it's a massive mole
B. Use ice and any other tool in the house that could bring the swelling down before the prom
C. Scream, cry, and tweet that it's the worst day of your life. Then go to your dermatologist to have it worked on. By prom, only the most expensive, professional makeup will do to cover that sucker
D. Aren't going to worry about, worse things could happen -- it's gonna be dark the whole time anyway!