This sorting hat quiz is like no other. I will help you decide were you really belong...

published on March 20, 201334 responses 15 4.2★ / 5

A zombie apochylypse(sorry if I spelled that wrong) has finally risen,

What is your role;

I'll be leading people to safety, and fight till death(Or zombyfying)
I'll outsmart all the zombies, and help build weapons for fighting
I'll be with the eldery, littlies, and the disaibled to keep them out of harms way
I'll be hiding somewhere, and getting people to get me food and water

a little 5 year old girl was walking along the road, you heard her mother scream, she was about to get hit by a taxi


I'll go rushing to the road, pull the sweet girl away, check if shes alright, then go and slap the taxi driver, and check if he's alright
I'll probably jump in front of the taxi
I'll pull the girl out of the way, then call the police
I'll keep walking or look a bit sad when she gets hit, if I feel like it

What do you do in your sparetime

I kayak or do a bit of sky diving!
I help tutore other people
I volunteer at shelters and hospitals
I get a massage, meditate, run, look in the mirror

Ok, lets do this calmy, whats your favourite colour(Doges dagger)

BRIGHT COLOURS like reds, pinks ect
Relaxing colours like Blues, light purple ect
I like red its hot, like me
I like happy colours like yellow,orange ect

Do you like... ICE CREAM!

hmph, let me think...
Yes, yes I do
Uh, non of your beeswax

OH NO, guess what, goodbye, will you miss me :3

NOO dont leave!
Yes, yes, YES!! ITS OVER!
Ok well bye bye