Which BMP 2 Prince is Your Lover?

Which BMP 2 Prince is Your Lover?

Choose your lover by choosing which action you want him to take within these situation.

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When you fall asleep on train even though you have enough sleep, he....

Let you sleep quietly and wake you up when you
Put his head on your shoulder and sleep too.
Prank your sleeping face.

You overslept and it looks like you're going to be late for work!

[Will you make it in time?] Worry.
[Hurry ♪ Hurry ♪] Encourage you with a big smile.
[Isn't it alright?] Looking at the clock relaxedly although
you are in a hurry.

When you make a mistake albeit very small on your homework…..

Explain your mistake part gently and watch over you
until you do it correctly.
Scold you a little but help your work.
Take your homework and do it all himself.

Your boss gives you an overtime work. Although you told your boyfriend, [You may go home first.]….

[I'll do it too.] Take an overtime too himself and help
your works.
[Then I'll go home.] But he actually waits for you near
the workplace.
[I want to go home together with you, so I'll stay] But
he hardly helps you and only looks.

Drinking with the people from your workplace. Your boyfriend who is next to you……

Serve you delicious food all the time while complaining.
Ignore you, but he said, [Let's go somewhere together
[What do you want to eat? What to drink?] Taking care
of you all the time.

Near the closing hour…. You are invited by your male co-worker who clearly has an ulterior motive…..

[She has a plan today.] Rescue casually.
[Don't flirt with my girlfriend.] Start a fight.
[I remember I still have work. Help me!] Hold your
hand and escape.

When you are doing your usual office work, you are asked by your boss to lift something heavy!

[I'll do it.] Volunteer to do the heavy lifting instead of
[I'll do this one.] Take over the work you left
[I'll go too!] Come together with you and never let
you carry the heavier things.

Summer holiday. You don't want to eat alone so…..

[There's a delicious restaurant in the neighborhood.]
Inviting you while blushing slightly.
You cook and he eats all the lunch you make as if it's
the most delicious food.
[What do you want to eat?] Your opinion has top
priority anytime.

You've made a terrible big mistake and got a good scolding from your boss.

Doesn't say much but stay next the depressed you all
the time.
[Shall we go eat something once the work is over?]
Invite you to eat.
[Don't worry about it!] Comfort you sweetly.