Are you meant to be

Are you meant to be

find out if you and your boyfriend/chursh are meant to be together or not even to be near the other

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talk much

talk much
yeah 24/7
23/7 (lol)
as i said a thousand times he only talks about math so NO!!!
yeah cuz we love gangnam style

how much do you know him/her

how much do you know him/her
if the did about them-slef i win 1 millon bucks
quite alot
none whenever we're together he just talks about math homerwork and how easy it is (geek)
almost everything
enough to GANGNAM STYLE (oh yeah)
a little

do they like you

do they like you
yeah i she/he's gonna ask me out! (ekkk)
as a friend
yeah we're best friends but im not sure about that way
yeah cause we GANGNAM STYLE all the time (even though they hate that song)
not really sure

anything in common

anything in common
yeah alot
guess so we are friends
nothing all he talks about is math (once again geek)
yeah everything
yeah Gangnam style
kinda but she/he's a gangnam freak (guy/girl above)

what do you think you'll get

what do you think you'll get
meant to be (duh)
good friends
never go near each other
gangnam style (like tots)