Is your House of Night OC a Mary-Sue

Is your House of Night OC a Mary-Sue

Test how realistic your House of Night original character really is...

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My character has an affinity for:

nothing, or something small that doesn't make a big difference
one element, or electricity, or something equivalent to one element
two elements, or equivalent
three or four elements, reading thoughts
all five.
Light, the runes, all five plus something else, daughter- of-a-goddess-kickassness, anything of equal awesomeness to that. Even Darkness if they're using it for good.
Darkness. Used for evil.


Entirely justified revenge.
Some less justifiable motive (desire, pride, anger) that you still want the reader to sympathise with
they're going through the motions, dragged into it. \coerced.
Love, caring, loyalty, peer pressure, etc.

fledgling/vampyres only. My character's mark is

a blue or red outline of a crescent moon. Tattoos on face only if a vampyre.
An outline in a different colour.
full on tattoos in a new colour.
More impressive than Zoey's
not a vampyre/fledgling

Do they replace a canon character?


Beyond affinities, is your character musically talented, bilingual (or trilingual), athletic, or otherwise skilled.

yeah, at a couple of things.
at a bunch of things!
oh, yeas. They're awesome at everything you listed and a few other things
Please, just please. they're a natural.

High Priestess?

Yes, after all the work that they had to put into it.
Like Stevie Rae, chosen because there was no alternative.
Chosen when they were a fledgling, or first male High Priest

personality-wise, do they explicitly resemble a canon character


Or on this 'lovely' list
a.Born/raised in extreme poverty?
b.Born/forced into slavery?
c.Banished from anywhere?
d.A member of a despised, outcast, and/or downtrodden race or group?
e.An illegitimate child in a society where this is stigmatized?
f.The parent of an illegitimate child in a society where this is stigmatized?
g.Physically abused?
h.Sexually abused/raped?


related to a canon character?

Daughter/son of a canon couple, twin, long-lost-whatever
NYX's Daughter, sister, mom, son, brother, father etc
Child of a non-canon couple (Zoey and one of the ravenmockers for example)
Biological child of a same-sex couple (Jamien) with no valid reasoning as to why this was possible. (valid meaning science can explain it)
Adopted (cause in canon, vampyres can't have kids) by two canon characters

Their familiar is

a cat
they don't have one
some animal other than a cat, like a dog or a lizard, that you can find at an average petstore.
a fearsome creature- lions, tigers, wolves, etc
A mythological creature

Dark Daughters and Sons?

they lead it.

Ah, love interests.

forever alone T_T
a warrior, consort or mate. Just one at a time.
Someone in a position of power, leader of something, High Priestess, etc
a canon minor character (Ant, Elliot, Nisroc, Venus, Elizabeth no-last-name, Nicole and that kind of character.)
A sort of major character (the twins before destined, Dragon, etc)
A major character in canon (Zoey, Stevie Rae, Kalona, Neferet, Stark,) or anyone who's dating/dated a major character. Anyone who's relationship with your character goes aganist their sexuality.
two OC's simultaneously
Multiple canon characters sumultaneously, or anything that resembles Zoey's lovelife in Chosen.


My character looks average.
My character is attractive.
My Character is so attractive people treat them differently because of it.
My Character has the Kalona effect (makes people pretty much fall under their spell because of their looks)

Did you send them to the Tulsa HoN?

Yes, because I liked Tulsa and wanted to see how they'd fare there.
Yes, the original cast needed a better leader
yep, to fill a spot in the circle.

your character (alone) vs Neferet, who wins?

My OC!
they're equal...

Are they a warrior?

Yeah! They're the kickass leader of the Sons of Erebus!

Doe this character have a debilitating fear or flaw


do they save the day when the canon characters should've? Or save the canon characters? Or redeem Neferet (not that I don't want to do that)?

one of the above
Two of the above
All the above
they wish!

does everyone love your character?

a few people. They've also royally pissed off a few.
no one, not even me
everyone, give or take a few.
most everyone
haalf the cast

Do they defy canon laws? (Red vampyre impervious to sunlight, female ravenmocker,old magick creature outside Skye)

one, and they have a disadvantage that makes it sort of equal.
all three.
one, and I may've overcompensated on their disadvantages and whatnots.

Part of a prophesy? Visions count.

yeah, and it's about their death.
it's about them becoming an amazing leader and saving the day!

Someone begins to go on about character's better traits, their response?

(A la Erik in Destined) Yeah, I am quite good looking, aren't I?
Uh...thanks? (awkwardly)
Me, really? *blushes* why, that's so kind of you. But i'm just an average person. (and believes it despite obvious reasons against it)
Me, really. You're too kind. But I'm not as amazing as you say (while hoping they'll continue to compliment them)

family issues. How many things on this list happened to your character.
a.Was your character orphaned, abandoned, kicked out, raised by a differnt family/person
b.Was a major villain responsible for the death of the parents
c.Was your character responsible for the death of their parents
e. adopted by a cruel family or person?
f.Ran away at any point?
g.Raised theirself?
h.Lived in the streets?
i.The very last or only survivor of anything?
j.Adopted by another species/racial group?

1/9 or less
3/9 or 4/9
5/9- 7/9
more than 7/9

My character's life resembles canon?

they get Marked and go to a house of night. That's it.
One or two things.
People review complaining that their life is a mirror image of a character's