are you cool or lame?

are you cool or lame?

are you cool like skrillex are lame like justin beiber?take the quiz NOW!

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what pet would you have?

a parret
a dog
a cat

what game would you get?

call of duty
super mario galaxy

what band do you like?

one direction
skrillex you ever do homework?

i make homework too!
only schools homework.
only on weekends.

what would you drink?

chocolate milk

do you like JB?


what do you do when your done with your homework?

i would watch tv
i would read books
i would play video games

what do you use to go to school?

a bike
i take my moms car
i walk

what do you do when its raining?

i walk in the puddles.
i take an umbrella and open it.
i would ignore it.

what would you have for dessert?

ice cream
a cookie