would i date you? (girls only) im a boy soo yeah

would i date you? (girls only) im a boy soo yeah

find out and see if i would date you. if you got yes then feel free to contact me sometime

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what music do you like

skrillex or punk and rock
country or rap

if another girl was bullying you what would you want me to do

ignore it and let you solve the problem cus you are tough like that
letting me to tell her she is ugly and needs to back off
letting me carry you in my arms away from her

i know you guys hate this but..whats your fav. color?

black or red
anything dark
neon colors (bright colors)
pink or purple

last question would you want to date me in real life

hmm i dont know you
i guess
yess please
no u g@yferd

do you think you are cute

i guess
no..i need someone to make me feel better about myself
yes i mean duh!
umm sometimes i think i am and other times i dont

how do you feel about the band kiss

hate them
who are they
love them
they are ok
i dont really know how i feel bout them

do you think im cute or at least kind of cute

you are hot omg!!
eww gross just saw your pic and im leaving this quiz
you are kind of cute but i judge on personality

now this wont really effect your answer but are you or do you think you are emo?

kind of
no but i love guys who are emo
no i hate guys who are emo they are so gay!

what do you like to do in your spare time

play instrument
play sports
carry on about how hot you are
play games
hanging out with friends

what is your talent?

singing or any thing involving music
fighting or strong

where would you want our first kiss to be

at the beach
in the middle of a crowd
your or my house