Personality Test (1)

Personality Test (1)

What is your personality?Find out now if you're nice, mean, or out-going.

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Your mom asks you if she looks fat in some tight jeans and she does. What do you tell her?

No mom, you look good.
Geez, mom, I'm pretty sure you are pregnant... with a COW!!!
Uh, let's go shopping for new pants but not tight ones or skinny jeans.

What do you think your personality is?
Hint: this does not add any points

Yay! You are nice!
Oh No! Your personality is mean.
You are out-going.

If you are at the beach and you reserved a spot but someone took the spot not knowing that you reserved it. What would be your best solution?

Bribe them into moving so you can take their spot when they're not looking.
Let them have the spot and find another one.
Friend them so you can hang out together and both share the spot.

If your friend was going through some issues, what would you do?

Give her a gift to assure him/her that everything's okay.
Tell him/her to toughen up and stop worrying.
Offer to go on an adventure to get his/her mind of the problem.

Your aunt get's you really horrible clothes that don't match your style. What do you say to her?

What the crap did you but me?
They're lovely!
Thanks! Can you get me a gift card so I can buy more next time!