Which Character of Black Butler are you?

Which Character of Black Butler are you?

big fan of the anime Black Butler? curious who you might be? take the quiz!

published on March 04, 201387 responses 22 4.6★ / 5

What is your talent?

What is your talent?
I have incredible strenght
i will defend my master no matter the cost.
i can slice through anything, O YESS!
*noise of a chainsaw*
where do i need a talent for? i have a butler

How would people describe you?

cold and emotionless
calm and loyal
childish and dominant
Happy and cheerful

Someone is attacking you! what do you do?

scream for my butler
*remains in shock*
kill the man on orders of my master
are you trying to hurt me? YOU WILL PAY!

What do you think of Cats?

What do you think of Cats?
those round eyes so innocent of this world, that tail so
nobel, those paws soft, pink and perfect. *kuch* sorry
master i was distracted by those charming kittens <3
Stupid animals!
say goodday to your hairy friends Sebastian.
i prefer dogs

what is your favorite colour?


What do you do when you are bored?

i have always something to do
play some chess, visiting a town
annoying people
stalking my crush <3 AAH BASSY<3

you have been kidnapped through some murderer what do you do?

probably cry
order my butler to save me!
trying to escape
*laughing* and kill them all !!!HAHAHA
wait for the exact moment to strike

what is the worst thing that has happen to you?

when they hurt my famaly
when they took away my cat :(
when i had to hurt somebody i love
when my only friend died
when i was locked up

what do you normally wear?

a black tailcoat with a tie
a blue waistcoat
red, red, RED!!
some jeans and a T-shirt
bright colours, purple or pink.

do you wear rings?

no but i can make rings..
i always wear my famaly ring
when BASSY and i are married :D
not really convenient for work

are you afraid of demons?

well i am simply one HELL of a butler
i trust Sebastian
one is my pet
BASSY!! <3<3<3
Demons? what are you talking about