Harry Potter Life Quiz

Harry Potter Life Quiz

This is a as if you were a harry potter person. This is my my first quiz so hold off on the bad comment please!!!I hope you like it. Thank you for taking and please comment.

published on February 28, 2013143 responses 13
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what your favorite subject?

defense against the dark arts
all of them
Care of magical creatures

Are you super smart?

Yes very got O's in each subject
Not at all but i dont care
does ravenclaw mean anything to you?
Not really no

Who's your guy?

Harry Potter he's so brave
Oliver Wood he's so cute
Draco Malfoy so adorable

Do you do Quidditch ?

No but i support slytherin
Yes i'm a chaser
Yes i'm a beater
No i'm finishing my homework

Which house ?

Slytherin duh?
Gryffindor brave at heart
ravenclaw im super smart
Hufflepuff i'm loyal