Which land will be you favourite at Disneyland Paris?

Which land will be you favourite at Disneyland Paris?

If you haven't been to Disneyland Paris, do you want to know what your favourite land would/will be?! There is Main Street U.S.A, Adventure land, Frontier land, Discovery land or Fantasy land. Even if you have already been, do this quiz for fun! Enjoy!

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What type of ride are you most likely to like?

None of them! I love to shop!
Something adventurous and new! Climbing and
treetop adventures maybe!
Mixed. Big thrills and family adventures!
Fun for little ones. Nice gentle rides!
Something full of Big Thrills!

What kind of holiday are you most likely to enjoy?

A hotel near lots of shops, so I could go shopping everyday!
A walking holiday. Camping maybe!
A hotel surrounded by mountains and lakes. Mixed really.
A posh hotel where everything is perfect. The rooms are luxury and it is to be 5 star!
A shabby hotel will do me. As long as I am near a theme park packed with adventure I'm ok!

What's your favourite food?

Anything really. As long as it's not poisonous and it tastes good!
I'm up for trying anything new! I don't mind. It would be good if it was something I hadn't tried before.
A mixture of foods. Maybe one day pizza and chips the next and a meal in a posh restaurant.
A massive buffet. A posh meal in a 5 star restaurant. One that feel's magic!
Pizza, burgers. Anything quick so I can get back to the rides!

What's your favourite colour?

Pink or Purple! Anything glamorous and girly!
Green! Anything that means adventure and to me green is definitely adventure!
Anything I feel like. I don't care!
Silver! Gold! Pink! Purple!
Blue and red. Red means danger! Blue is just a cool colour!

What are you most likely to buy in a shop?

Clothes and shoes!
Anything practical that could help in a great adventure!
Something new that I have never seen before!
Anything magical or something i could show my imagination with. Maybe a drawing set!
I am not fussed about shops! I love adventure and exciting things. Shopping is not me!

What is your favourite item of clothing?

Everything! I love clothes!
Shorts! Anything green!
I don't care! T-shirt and jeans?
A sweet dress!!! They are so cute! They are just what a princess would wear!
I haven't got time to pick clothes. My mum just buys me T-shirts and jeans when I need new clothes!