Does he love you? (1)

Does he love you? (1)

Hey again! This is for you guys who keep moaning and getting upset about your little someone! If you have any problems on what you got or just normal relationships problems at home then view my other quiz's by clicking on me! Enjoy :)

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Do you talk?

Well kind of..

Does he make you laugh?

No way! He's. Rubbish at jokes
Yes definitely!!!

Does he wined you up?

Of course!
He trys but I simpley do not react...

Do YOU talk? ( be honest )

No not really..
I can't Im to embrassed to try firlt :(
Nope :'(
I can't resist!!
Well now and then ;)

Does he look at you?

Well usually...
Yes all the time!

Do you all ways find out that the boys have been talking about you? ( if they do then we all know who brings it up! )

Yes yes!
No no..
Well now and then?

Does he stand c lose to you when your talking?

Unfortunately no...
Yes yes OMG!

Does he listen to you?

No he pretends to be busy and cool
yepp! :D
Arrrrhhh no :(