Would I date you? (2)

Would I date you? (2)

*BOYS ONLY* Check and see if you're a guy i'd possibly be interested in! Have fun though.

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Are you a gamer?

For sure!
Yeah, aren't you?
Games aren't really my thing...
I don't have time for games!

Favorite food?

Salad *Me: -_-*
Any kind of meat!!!!
Tacos, Chips, etc.
Favorite food...? I LOVE ALL KINDS OF FOOD!

What's one word to describe you?


What would you do if I messed up while we were playing a game and on a team together?

Flip out.
Assure you it's okay and that it's just a game!
Who has time for games?
Yell at me!
Act like you don't care.

Night Owl, or Early Riser?

Mixture of both
Night Owl
Early Riser
It depends

Where would you take me on a first date?

Wresting Match
To my room... TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES!
To the beach
To the movies
The library

What type of music do you listen to?

Almost any kind of music
Classical/Opera(Me: idk how to spell sometimes, get over yourself)
Almost anything besides Gay Direction & Justin Beaver...

What's most important in a girl to you?


Did you 'enjoy' this Q U I Z?

Not really!
Go away...
It was good