Are You mature?

Are You mature?

This quiz will help you find out how mature you are. Are you adult like or not?

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You have plans to go out with your friends but your parents say you have to babysit your younger sibling. how do you react?

I get mad cuz I had plans but I stay with my brother.
I get upset. I tell my parents he can sty home alone or
go to my neighbors house.
I ask my parents if my friend can come over and we
can both stay with my brother.

Do you do anything around the house?

Clean my room everyday
Clean my room everyday, take care of the pets and
clean other rooms or make dinner if my parents want
me to
Nothing. My parents do all the housework

Do you get an allowance?

Only when my parents ask me to do work around the
Of course! Every week my parents give me some
spending cash.
No, I just ask for money when I need it.
No but I (babysit/pet sit or some other kind of job) so I
get some money for myself.

If you told your mom you were dating someone, what would she say

"You are too young to be dating!"
"Why didn't you tell me earlier that you had a

Lets say you failed a test. Do you tell your parents?

Yeah! I mean, they find out from my teacher it will be
Of course not! If they find out, they will punish me!
I tell them. They will be mad but its not the end of the
I try to work it out with my teacher and boost my test
grade so my parents won't even find out I failed.

You want to see a movie with your friends but its rated R so...

I ask my mom to come so we can get in.
I don't want to go with my parents so I ask my older
sibling or cousin to come.
We go without adults. It would be embarrasing to go
with my parents.
I buy a ticket for one movie and go into the R rated
movie. Its the same price and there isn'tr much
security so why not try it?

Your favorite singer is coming to a city near you. What do you do?

Scream in excitement and ask my parents to let me go
I ask my parents to go and that I will buy the tickets
with my own money
I will ask them if I can go and promise good grades.