U mad bro? personality

U mad bro? personality

The quiz to your awesome rockin hard core personality (trollerz only!)

published on February 18, 201343 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

Your friends would mostly describe you as...

quick-witted and kind of annoying
Really nice, fun

Your favorite hangout spot is...

the pool
the classroom/ detention/ McDonalds
club/ school dance/concerts
coffee shop

Who do you normally hang with?

All ma party people
Five of my peeps
Yourself. your the best friend there is
a REALLY good book
One or two of my BFF's

What is your fave food?

Pizza and/or hot wings
Ice cream
coffee and scones

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my homies. THEY SEE ME TROLLIN'
THEY HATIN' I'm so fun
Playing tennis against my friends and win!
Ride my bike with besties

How do you react when you get caught doing something bad?

Laugh super loud
Say, "I didn't do anything mr. man!"
Blush and worry that everybody is looking at you
Tell the truth
Pretend you didn't do it

Your friend dares you to tell your crush that you like him/her. What do you do?

Go up to your crush and say in a deep voice, "Hey
baby. How u doin?" and smile
Blush and say no way!!!
Be honest with your crush and tell him that you like
Go tell your crush something else and pretend you told
Scream in your friends face, "I WILL RULE THE