Are we alike?

Are we alike?

Are you just like me, or Just different? Are we twins from the same egg?

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Are you lazy?

Heck yeah, I barely exercise!
A little bit, But I still exercise.

Do you like chocolate?

Eww! Chocolate is for fat people!
Uh, Yes, but I love mints!

Do you like living in the country side?

Yes! There is more corn there! GIMME!
No! It's boring there!
Yes, But I rather stay in the city... Just in case.

What do you do all day?

Lay around, eat, Talk and sleep.
Hang out, talk on the phone with my friends and go on facebook!
Eat, play video games, and play on the computer all day!

If you owned any pet what will it be?

Dog! Heck yeah!
Cats, There cute and quiet.
Bird or fish.

Your brother/sister came home from college and takes over the house. he/she makes you clean the house during the weekend you will...

Start crying or get completely mad.
Tell him/her your hanging out with your friends, you don't have time to clean the house.
Get it over with so he/she can leave you alone.

You blasted your favorite song on the radio, Your Dad told you to turn it off due to neighbors, What do you do?

Tell him to leave you alone or get extemely mad.
Shut up Dad! It's the weekend!
Turn it off.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An actress, Heck yeah!
A singer.
A writer.
None of above