What Madoka Magica Character are you? (1)

What Madoka Magica Character are you? (1)

Figure out Madoka magica character you are by taking this quiz! Would you do the deal and if yes what would you wish for?

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What is your favorite color?


You see a lost cat that looks hungry. What do you do?

Keep it and give it food!
Look around the neighborhood to see if there is anyone who is looking for a cat!
Return it to a vet so that they could take care of it.
Hang up some lost cat fliers with your friends saying that you found a lost cat.
Keep it for the meantime until someone replies to your lost cat post on the internet.
Leave it there and assume that it is going to find it's owner soon.

What is your favorite type of food?

Anything sweet like a strawberry or candy!
Anything sour like a lemon or sour candy!
Anything bitter like dark chocolate!
Anything salty like chips or pretzels!
I like every thing!
Hum.. I like two types of food!

What is your favorite type of music?


You forgot to do a very important assignment for school because you where busy. What would you say to your teacher?

I never forget to do anything for school so I would not have this problem.
Say, " I was very busy" and explain why so that she will understand.
Don't say anything and hope that she will not notice that you did not do it.
Try to do it when the teacher is not looking or on the way you go to school.
My dog ate my home work.
Ask a friend for help.

If you had to do one wish what would you wish for?

To cure people or to find a cure for something!
Lots of food!!!
To save someone's life!
To make everyone happy!
The help me when i am in trouble!
Hum... I don't know...

Which character is you favorite?


Your walking when you notice that your favorite candy store is closing! What do you do?

I'm so upset! It was my favorite store...
Oh...Hope they build a new one!
Ask people in the store about why are they closing!
Hope that they will not close after all...
There are many candy stores out there but I will sure miss this one!

Pick one!


What do you like to do?

Eat Candy and Chocolate!
Do crafts!
Visit friends!
Study or read!
Listen to music!
Watch TV!