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The Brace Face Squad
Come here if you have braces! My cousin said the Brace Face Squad. So come if you have braces
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NF people only
NF people only who have Neurofibromatosis. NF1 and NF2. Only people have NF1 or NF2! If you don’t then get out! This is a place where we can be happy together
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Alternative Medicines
I’m really into essential oils and herbal medicine and the practice of incense, so I decided to put notes and stuff here. This is an actual serious learning page, so come learn with me, if you want!
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Petty Legends
Tell the web all of the petty things you’ve done. Come on, don’t lie, we’re all hella petty
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The Relationship Page
Need help with relationships? I'll try and help. I won't be the best though...If it's too personal, please don't post it.
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I am paralyzed in my arm help???
I am paralyzed in my arm help??? I need support... Help me I am asking
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