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Positive vents
Everyone seems to be getting more and more negative recently, and i know it's perfectly fine to feel down sometimes, sometimes i just want to feel happy for a while without people complaining or crying left and right. This is a...
5 subscribers 1 member by Iscopeee
Time to jump on the bandwagon ig lmaooo zepeto is a 3D avatar maker H794V4 : ) hmu,, please don’t post your pics here unless you’re a member(posts are open for people to chat?)
5 subscribers 1 member by chookity.dookity
Monika support group
this is to support the poor, desperate girl, Monika, from DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB
0 subscribers 1 member by linkishere
My Anime Page
I am very srious when it comes to anime so if someone joins just to post memes I will be Extremely Angry!
9 subscribers 1 member by lilblue
headcanons (games, movies, books, anything)
A place for reasonably young people (and most likely children) to post their headcanons on their favourite game/movie/book/etc. Because I couldn’t find a page like this that already exists.
5 subscribers 1 member by EmilyTehPancake
Christmas Time
Since were done with thanksgiving ITS CHRISTMAS TIME hope you enjoy! 💗 🎁🦌🎄
7 subscribers 1 member by nekohappy1
Happy ThanksGiving!
Happy Thanksgiving QFeast & other people on QFeast! What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving?
6 subscribers 1 member by Unknown_User
Mario kart
welcome to the Mario kart universe. Where you can race against fellow racers. Have battles and much more
2 subscribers 1 member by DarkSpite_Spark56
Levi Ackerman Fan Club
just what it says, post images discuss him! just gives the Levi the attention!
2 subscribers 1 member by depressingchild
LBGT+ icons
A page where you can get icons of your favourite characters with a pride flag in the background, to be used as profile pictures or whatever else you want. Remember to read the rules (i'll post them on the page). (Note: I don't ...
9 subscribers 1 member by Iscopeee
Welcome deltarune page aka undertale first offical au! Hope you enjoy guys!❣💖
4 subscribers 1 member by nekohappy1
Team Meme
i, as one of the members of team meme- a group of dedicated memers at my school- have decided to bring this group to Qfeast. all memes allowed. But, I am already Shrek. You cannot take that role, as it is mine. If you do, I wil...
4 subscribers 3 members by provoked.tater
MLP fans only!
Okay Hi guys I decided to make thisbecause I know some of us are mlp fans (including myself)! And I wanna create a page for this fandom!
5 subscribers 1 member by Samantha.EXEthefaker
hold ur breath and hold 6 until u get tired.
you hold ur breath for however long you can while holding down 6 until you get tired, then let go after you breathe.
11 subscribers 2 members by AutiWay
KMK People!
I'll give you three people, and you'll have to choose K, M, or K! Remember to check this page to see some posted people (mostly fiction) and decide whether to Kiss, Marry, or KILL!
0 subscribers 1 member by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
mahiru appreciation page.
people have been being rude and calling mahiru a slut, so subscribe to this page to support her and prove she aint bad.
1 subscriber 1 member by galqxy
Sad Videos
This is for all the videos that make you cry. and also you might wanna have a exclamation or not it depends one you
2 subscribers 1 member by Samantha.EXEthefaker
Corbijn's Villain Emporium
Corbijn decides to make a page to put art of his villain concepts here and also give info on what he has planned for each antagonist he comes up with.
3 subscribers 1 member by CorbijnNollyPliggy

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Super smash Bros ultimate story mode (world of light)
I will post the form and the video of what happen god! Why can't the game be out yet!
2 subscribers 1 member by Jason_the_hedgehog
home of the conceited prick
i like taking selfies sometimes and i put my ugly ass on here but i cover my face w/ cute filters so i don't make ppl blind
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