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Qfeast Ancient History
This is a page for the oldies to expose each other for cringy stuff we said when we were like 12. However, I am not one to gatekeep. Anyone can post anything here as long as it's all in good fun.
7 subscribers 1 member by Banksy.Rat
milo's tellonym asks
I'm keeping it all here so I can reference it later if I need to. tellonym: sublimehowell
2 subscribers 1 member by melodrama
Weird stuff
Haha I got bored again and I'm all about some shitpost so I made a page for it lol
2 subscribers 1 member by Samanthavs.Zero
Kugelmugel page
We totally forgot about Kugelmugel. He yeets on Ninja And has GOD Fortnite skills
1 subscriber 1 member by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Hi there, lets talk about rando crap
Let’s associate about your interests, tastes, advice and questions stranger Feel free to take any and every word I say, open up a trash can and throw that shit away. Like a candy wrapper!
1 subscriber 2 members by Whatruanacorn
Prussia page
The goldweedest of them all, this is it. Let this page be so gold weed that life is a meme
1 subscriber 1 member by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Hungry page
We made a page for Sandwich Guy and Radderic, and Hungry is next on the list. She is frying pan lord.
1 subscriber 1 member by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Swiss Sandwich Guy Page
If you are not acquainted with the Swiss Sandwich Guy, then he is a guy from Switzerland who said “This tastes like a sandwich” while eating a sandwich. He also has a sister who is 13 and he has H O R R I B L E brotherhood skil...
2 subscribers 1 member by Radrak_is_our_platinum_lord
Jokes/puns/funny things.
Knock knock?” “Who's there?” “Harry.” “Harry who?” “Harry up and open the door.” Tell a joke. ❤️ Make someone smile or roll their eyes.
3 subscribers 1 member by Yaezu6y
On this page you will tell jokes and riddles and stuff like that. Idk I have used all my jokes. I'm looking for new ones
3 subscribers 1 member by Theatrekid101
2:AM Thoughts
You know those random, stupid, sometimes groundbreaking thoughts that pop into your mind when you’re super tired? Share them here.
9 subscribers 1 member by
Fandoms I like.
Just your daily douse of Thomas Sanders, Undertale, My little pony, Danny phantom and other fandom's I enjoy. Rules: You may post pictures and comments (ALL MUST BE PG13, No sexual stuff nor Fetish content.) No cursing (You m...
4 subscribers 1 member by KindHuman
Qfeast Throwback Page
Remember the good old days of rasplay? Remember those cringy posts you made 4 or 5 years ago? Post them here to embarrass yourself and others :^)
11 subscribers 1 member by temperance
Memes for dayss
ok so I had this idea to post funny memes until we all die of laughter I thought it was good but now it sounds stupid forget I said anything...
4 subscribers 7 members by Samanthavs.Zero
I NEED DARK JoKES QUFEAST Qufeast i being mean y you do dis qufeast just so mean
5 subscribers 1 member by lolgamer3
You could post everything Gudetama if you love this character a lot and have fun!
2 subscribers 1 member by BatimGal11
Funny and Stupid Memes
Wanna look at some funny and stupid memes? Well, here is a very good chance for you to look and post some, though I highly suggest you NOT to post things about inappropriate stuff. HAVE FUN!
4 subscribers 1 member by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Memes (2)
Please no inappropriate or violent ones but I was searching up memes earlier and now I need to share em
5 subscribers 1 member by Blue_star

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Believe it or not
Believe it or not! Things that are unusual and crazy! If you are looking for a laugh, you've come to the right place!
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Inanimate insanity fans
Ill just type big words. Incomprehensible. Unsatisfactory. Inanimate insanity.
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