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this going to be my profil pic (1)
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Im Lonely
Will someone please talk to me im lonely and sad right now and just wanna talk to someone
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If ur insane come here
If ur insane come here. Join ur fellow insane ppl. Come home I command thee
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Who needs to join the empire?
A place where you can tell who needs to join Wazzups empire give their user and facts (their bio)
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breas edits (1)
a separate page for edits that aren’t benedict cumberbatch’s face slapped into somebody’s prom pictures
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Object Lock Down (Season 1) memorial
On the most recent video, TheWuggleJack said that it was his B-Day and said that he is discontinuing OLD, I think the word he ment was Rebooting, because he is saying that he will do somthing like how idfb and bfdia are not fin...
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summer page
this is the summer page where it's always summer a dream come true! i know all of you love summer.
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Pkmn CreepyPasta
"I was the creator of this page, please no porn or other bad things thank you and have Fun!"
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