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give me game ideas and one day that could be games
i will also rate the game ideas random words becuase it wont let me post it without theses words
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Song Suggestions
Hi, in this page you can tell me what songs I can listen to. So, write your posts!
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Harry Potter Page
Hi! To any Harry Potter loving fans out there. You can post any videos and pictures related to Harry Potter! Enjoy!
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Lets do this
pary 1 of many :3 hope u likey!! pls follow me lolz XD thanks thank woo
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Unfair things your family does
Here is a page for you to share with everyone some of the unfair judgements your family makes on things
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Wings of fire fans
Heres where fans of Wings of Fire can talk about well dragons from Wings of fire and can post pictures
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Come here to post dog memes
Yeah, the title says it all. Come here to post funny memes about dogs.
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Ummm randomness for weirdos.
Your a weirdo if you join this page and I have already joined so I'm a weirdo plz join weirdos
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My empire
Me of course is the emperor Emoshadowqueen is advisor/general Nataly is a soldier as well as nelly Jane is the queen If u wanna join tell me what ur role shall be in my empire
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New ch@t room
This is for ppl who created a chat room with me in it Iโ€™ll answer what you put in the chat and youโ€™ll put your response in the chat you created P.s Iโ€™m to god damn lazy to confirm my account so their are disadvantages to what ...
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Do you like smile Dog or Grinny cat / creepypasta?
Too be honest I like both but if I had a choose I would choose Grinny cat. what about you? Iโ€™m just curious.
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plz ANY ONE come and talk to me i'm sooo boored
i'm lonely so you need to come talk to me pleeez i'm sooo looonlyyy ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
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Cute emojis
I love this bunny I just fund it just wow OWO UWU AND I have to write more but I don't know what to say :D
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The Astral Dragon- sketches/ maps
So hereโ€™s the diagrams, art and any sketches for the book series Iโ€™m writing.
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Girls only C H A T
Talk about anything! Feel free to say anything- keep in mind, it's girls only.
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Jojo house
A whole apartment full of Jojo characters!! What will they do? find out on this epic page~!
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so this is just me posting poetry that i created. please dont judge, it's an original and i would be hurt if you did.
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what sofi thinks of u? (gfeast made me use a qusetion mark)
i'll put my honest apinyen of u on your profile and all u have to do is commint on this page
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Hiya friends
It's me Organic fool but call me clover. I'm 15 and I lack socializing skills ???? be my friend peas. I lov yous ???
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