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Nia support squad
We support Nia every step of the way! This is the support squad to make him feel better!
10 subscribers 3 members by Zoey.1
Your worst break ups
Basically discuss you worst break ups and ends to friendships here. Have fun
2 subscribers 1 member by NiaLaBeada
League of Writers
So, this is just like the google classroom page the league of writers. It's where a bunch of writers (no matter the genre), you can post something you'd like some criticism on. The only rule is, obviously please no plagiarism (...
1 subscriber 1 member by
Pokemon Mega Championship (kanto-Alola)
A pokemon R ole Pl ay . Pokemon trainers gathered up from all regions to this well-known championship in Alola Region, where trainers choose their top six fixed pokemon to fight in each round. Forms would be given. Enjoy C:
4 subscribers 1 member by SHIRAZURE
Greek mythology
Pretty much a page for me to figure out a plot to a thing I wanna do I'll post about it here and stuff Taken gods: Orpheus, Eros
3 subscribers 3 members by
I want a plot and characters so I can write a story Please submit characters and a plot so I can write Please
5 subscribers 1 member by
The challenge Leaks
I will post leaks of the next The challenge, or things planed for future ones. Will not give away any big spoilers though
8 subscribers 3 members by King_of_Derps
lets talk about what people or things we like about books like star darlings or emily windsnap or land of stories things like that
0 subscribers 1 member by fantasy12
The story game (read description)
The point of this game is to make a story as a group. Rules: -you can only do one sentence at a time. For example... You: yesterday morning my dog ran away. Other player: I looked for it for hours and never found it. You: when ...
3 subscribers 1 member by Broken_soul
Literature Club
Literature club cuz why not :D Idk I got bored. :T anyway, song lyrics, poems, or anything like that counts as literature so it's allowed ^_^ Club activities will take place everyday of the week! I hope you'll keep up with us a...
2 subscribers 2 members by Casual_Red
Funny and weird photos
Ok ok this is a stupid page that I made for fun plus I really could really care less
2 subscribers 1 member by Tomsharpoons
Qfeast newspaper?
I was looking through old Qfeast stories and I found a news paper called the Qfeast times I was thinking recreating it but I will need help I will post a link on this page
3 subscribers 1 member by Broken_soul
Meaningful Quotes
Merry meet! I just wanted to make a page where people can post all the sad meaningful quotes. I know I have a lot... they are mostly about insanity, but I wanted to share them with you.
4 subscribers 1 member by TicciTobyPsycho
writing contest! every month!
I will post a new theme every month, and you guys write a story using that theme, then I will make a poll about which is the best story for everyone to vote!
7 subscribers 1 member by SillySantaSausage
Vanished for Torture [VfT] OFFICIAL Fandom Base
The OFFICIAL base of the newly-spawning Vanished for Torture fandom. Anything related to the story is more than welcome here. [Vanished for Torture is an original Qfeast story which currently remains unfinished.]
4 subscribers 1 member by Weiss_Schnee
Fud page
C'mon lemme see wat kind of fud u enjoy. Awww I just wanna know. Dats ittt.
0 subscribers 1 member by Scourgelover
Letters to other users
If YOU HAVE NOTHING TO SAY THAT'S GOOD DON"T SAY ANYTHING. ( unless it's criticizing but not telling them there stupid or something like that.)
5 subscribers 1 member by ToriTheShark
this is a place for posting stuff so people can guess who it is I guess
0 subscribers 1 member by nekohappy1

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stuff that happen to you
stuff that happened to you in real life plz put things that happen to you
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Writer's Block
Hello and welcome! Here in writer's block we help each other out! Those with story ideas they want to see written but don't have the time to write can post their ideas. A person who needs a new story idea can comment " Can I us...
9 subscribers 1 member by ScarletRoses