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Fanfiction ideas for Sam Stardust
I need help making a few things, so, I decided to make this to make things easier like contacting, just give me reccomendations, and a picture, and, i'll be finished writing for you whenever I can!
0 subscribers 1 member by Sam_Stardust
Hiya friends
It's me Organic fool but call me clover. I'm 15 and I lack socializing skills 😳😳😳😞 be my friend peas. I lov yous 😘😘😘
3 subscribers 2 members by YametteSen3.14
comic ideas and submit a character too
i have hope that i'll actually do this because i really feel like making a comic now. submit characters only if you are okay with the possibility they could die and be very descriptive. certain elements may be translated to fit...
9 subscribers 2 members by Aureospace
Hey guys its DemonQueen
Uh why is everyone putting letters on my account like I look at it with laughter but confusion
0 subscribers 1 member by DeadButAlive
Just a place where my friends can do whatever they want :3 I hope y'all enjoy!
6 subscribers 1 member by Queenofshadows
Post cursed texts.
hello I'm making something for a scratch project showing how chaotic qfeast is. nothing inappropriate please.
4 subscribers 1 member by MegaMan.exe
1(Ingles English) Harry Potter Fan club (Regular people)
Hey! Are you a Non-Magical-realy-Love-Harry Potter-Wants-to-Meet-Wizards-and-Witches? Then this is your page!
1 subscriber 2 members by laurandanna
Image that relates to you
Okay so I may be a strange person for doing this but it seems like a good place to start for me... Post anything on here that you find relateable and other stuff 😁
0 subscribers 1 member by Queenofshadows
Really good quotes
Hi! rock here! You can post quotes from you favorite stuff! But no cheesy ones...:/
10 subscribers 2 members by MegaMan.exe
Pokemon Mega Championship (kanto-Alola)
A pokemon R ole Pl ay . Pokemon trainers gathered up from all regions to this well-known championship in Alola Region, where trainers choose their top six fixed pokemon to fight in each round. Forms would be given. Enjoy C:
4 subscribers 1 member by Hikari_Chan
Greek mythology
Pretty much a page for me to figure out a plot to a thing I wanna do I'll post about it here and stuff Taken gods: Orpheus, Eros
2 subscribers 3 members by
lets talk about what people or things we like about books like star darlings or emily windsnap or land of stories things like that
0 subscribers 1 member by fantasy12
Literature Club
Literature club cuz why not :D Idk I got bored. :T anyway, song lyrics, poems, or anything like that counts as literature so it's allowed ^_^ Club activities will take place everyday of the week! I hope you'll keep up with us a...
2 subscribers 2 members by YandereQueen
writing contest! every month!
I will post a new theme every month, and you guys write a story using that theme, then I will make a poll about which is the best story for everyone to vote!
7 subscribers 1 member by SillySantaSausage
Fud page
C'mon lemme see wat kind of fud u enjoy. Awww I just wanna know. Dats ittt.
0 subscribers 1 member by Scourgelover
this is a place for posting stuff so people can guess who it is I guess
0 subscribers 1 member by the_sleepy_wolves
stuff that happen to you
stuff that happened to you in real life plz put things that happen to you
0 subscribers 1 member by the_sleepy_wolves
Writer's Block
Hello and welcome! Here in writer's block we help each other out! Those with story ideas they want to see written but don't have the time to write can post their ideas. A person who needs a new story idea can comment " Can I us...
10 subscribers 1 member by ScarletRoses

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Story Character
I need some characters for a story I'm writing please follow the form or use your own.
0 subscribers 1 member by Mystic_Moon
Character Submission (no title yet)
So there are seven types of cats--Changer Cats, Demon Cats, Snow Cats, Angel Cats, Mystic Cats, Gaurdian Cats, and Crystal Cats...but there is only one Crystal Cat left in the world, encased in a statue for a thousand years. On...
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