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Shuiy and Tinys Duo Song Playlist
Me and toby post songs we listened to at the same time! We plug in our earphones and give each other one and listen to a a song from our playlists! They go perfectly togther most the time
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FNaF finish the song Lyrics!
So this is a page where you can put any FNaF song and we'll finish the lyrics!
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AJR Sanctuary
If you love AJR, then this is the place for you! You can post memes and songs, or anything AJR related!
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finish the lyrics
people say one lyric and the other person finishes the rest and so on.
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Music Suggestions (1)
Post any music or playlists here that you enjoy that people should check out :-)
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music with lynz
lets talk about music and chill. sub for song recs, lyric art, basically anything music related. (song rec sunday will be here)
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Metal family
If your a metalhead then this is your page, share here anything metal (and by metal i mean anythingg that is labled metal YES I MEAN BVB) anything here from rock to deathmetal or blackmetal p.s. no judging people by whether or...
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One Direction fanpage
here for all one direction fans. For all directioners out there here is for you guys to say where will the lads will be, well everything NO HATERS ON THIS PAGE
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Songs You Can Play on Google Guitar!
Here you can learn to play different songs on google guitar. You can post all different types of songs (radio songs, Disney or movies etc.) If you have any songs, post them on here!
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Princess (2)
Hi,It's me Mal. So we all know that YAZZ is fine as WTF IDK what. He is the most hottest strongest, I like.
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Songs that never get old
?????????MUSIC! For example: this song never got old: Shake It off
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Fan page
This is a page for where you can chat and post pictures about your fandoms.
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Luke Hemmings Fanpage
If you are a 5 Seconds Of Summer fan or just have a crush on Luke then this is the page for you.
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rap battle pageee
All in the title technically. Here you can rap on this page. Also there's 3 e's because it wouldn't let me put only 1. Anyways have fun rap battling.
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Ok, so this page is for those people who like songs as well as parody of songs! You can post any parody and if you wanna do anything with songs, your welcome!
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One Dircetion fan
Hello fellows! This is a place for 1D fans! You like 1D? Well, your in the right place! (BTW, this is a dare from @RubyTheHedgebat)
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Linkin Park Fans
Fan Of Linkin Park? Well, Here You Can Express Your Love For Them! Share Your Favorite Songs, Pics And Etc. Request For Membership Today! :D
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rap battles
You can start random rap battles. You can use any rap from any you heard, you can judge other people's rap battles, and they can go on until some one doesn't have one, you can't judge your own.
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Black veil Brides fan club for teens
you need to be a fan of Black veil Brides 11-17 to be in hear Big fan
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