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Qfeast Hurricane Center
Are you a fan of weather and hurricanes ? Subscribe to share the tropical activity in both the Atlantic and Pacific basin! Keep everyone up to date on the tropics! Don't forget to follow me especially if you are a weather geek!
1 subscriber 1 member by Kendall_Descalzi
Weather Geeks
Do you love weather ? Do you want to share your knowledge about it with others ? Well now you can! I'm a weather geek so that is why I created it so all fans of weather can unite as one!
1 subscriber 1 member by Kendall_Descalzi
Boku no hero memes
Post,Comment & star your favorite memes of the Boku no hero academia fandom . PLUS ULTRAAA!
7 subscribers 1 member by SHIRAZURE
The debate page !
Its simple. Post a statement and people try to offend you and you defend yourself, in a not too harsh way. Have fun.
6 subscribers 1 member by SHIRAZURE
Counseling quizes
Quizzes to start conversations and to guide therapist and client in learning more about the client's personality and behavior patterns. These are not scientific- only guides for starting conversations.
0 subscribers 1 member by Keylife411
Unpopular Opinions (1)
Post any opinion that you have that a lot of people might not agree with. Try to not be a dick towards other people's opinions.
41 subscribers 1 member by GolfWang
Talk in different Language's
Ok so if you know another language, try to speak in it with others. French, Spanish, Umm idk what else. Or make ur own language! Idk.
18 subscribers 1 member by Vilight_the_storm_wolfgirl
Today Education Group
We have here to prepare your skill of competition exams like SSC, BANK, POLICE, LEKHPAL, CLERK, ARMY, AIR FORCE etc
0 subscribers 1 member by imraghav7
the heros of today yesterday and tomorrow
we talk about the hero/heroines that actually existed but was almost forgotten.
0 subscribers 1 member by ChocoLove139
I've Never...Page
List 5 things you've never done.Start with 'I've never...' Me--- 1.Ive never had a boyfriend, 2.Ive never been kissed, 3.Ive never been outside my state, 4.Ive never sung in public(not including my friends/family), 5.Ive never ...
15 subscribers 1 member by EclipsedWolf13
You will be able to learn phrases, sayings, and words on this page. Once we have a certain amount of members, we will start teaching.
8 subscribers 9 members by Alcor_The_Dreambender
The Phobia Page
This is a page for peoples phobia's, I will post every single phobia and their description, feel free to comment and look through all the phobia's, if you have one of these phobia's feel free to comment. Feel free to ask for a ...
21 subscribers 6 members by LunarMn
Rainbow loom club (1)
Welcome to the rainbow loom club!We are please to have you here talk about it rubber bands show us what you made and show videos!So we can make what you made!Enjoy!
0 subscribers 1 member by H.O.V.A
Northern Racing Collge
A section for learners of Northern Racing College. Here you will find information, quizzes and lots of other things to help you with your course.
0 subscribers 1 member by SallyM
Agree or disagree?
This is a discussion page , either you agree with it , or not agree. Share your opinions - this time , you won't be scared to spit out your thoughts.
0 subscribers 1 member by iPointOutRight
orca fan page
orca lovers unite to create this amazing page for orcas and their fans
0 subscribers 2 members by orcalover456
Pi Geeks
3.1415926535... Pi is how many circumferences are in a complete circle.
0 subscribers 1 member by Pi_3.14
Personality Enter
Post which personality you are! Example: Jock, nerd, emo, cheerleader, prep, or normal!
0 subscribers 2 members by

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If you love tigers then subscribe to this page! They are my fave animal and I hate that poachers are trying to kill them! >:O. I hope you enjoy it! Oh! BTW please ask questions about tigers and I will try and answer your questi...
1 subscriber 3 members by helloamazingpeople
School Help-Tutoring-Advice!
Need School help? Advice, presentation pointers, Math help, history hints, science project ideas? This page if for you to ask questions and any Qfeast member can answer! This is better than just asking a question so that others...
0 subscribers 2 members by Nobody.07