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Who Wants One of These Characters?
Look at the picture for the page, if you want one made for you just ask me! Fill out a form though. Form: Hair color: Skin color: Shirt color: Pants color: Shoes color: Any hats: Color of hat: (If you chose to have a hat) Lo...
16 subscribers 1 member by ArtsyGirl
The single page
This is a page were if your single you can meet another single person and hit it off
45 subscribers 2 members by Ben5389
Five Nights At Freddy's Chatlounge
Are u ready 2 meet other Freddy lovers. Well join us. And don't forget to leave a follow XD
18 subscribers 1 member by LostBoy
Your Sonic ocs
Show off create and reveal your sonic ocs (no adoptables) and tell us stuff. Thx XD well exchange a follow in return. Have fun
25 subscribers 1 member by LostBoy
What If Page
We all have certain questions that make us go "What if" go spread your crazy questions people. :3
25 subscribers 1 member by Noescaping
Awesome song lyrics
I'll be putting on lyrics to songs. You can put your own on thus page.
16 subscribers 1 member by Ben5389
For a special someone
Put something sweet for your sweetheart. Yes Ill be participating as well.
19 subscribers 1 member by Ben5389
What Is Your Fave Book Series Or Just Book
My favorite book/series is the heroes of Olympus series by rick riordian it is awesome
13 subscribers 1 member by Fandomgirlwholoveseverything
You think ghosts are real im pretty sure I saw one!
I was in the bathroom I opened the door and then I washed my hands in the glass I saw a shimmering image then it faded. Also I went by shelf in my room and there was a marker in the very back I walked past it, when I turned ar...
8 subscribers 1 member by Fandomgirlwholoveseverything
Christian page
Post any pictures about God, Jesus, David and Goliath, etc. please only subscribe if you are a Christian and believe in God and Jesus
12 subscribers 4 members by Boymeetsworldfreak
Fandom Crossovers!
Have you been in a awesome roleplay where something has collabed? Like MLP and Homestuck, Harry Potter and Hunger games, or maybe more? Join this page and post it here! :D
9 subscribers 1 member by xxxvanny
Creepypasta OC
Have your own creepypasta character? Post about it on this page! Heck, even post any artwork of your own character! This page is runned by me and my dark side, Cutter. Cutter is also my creepypasta oc.
17 subscribers 1 member by emojchiles
The Love Page!
If your wondering why page has two g's its because qfeast wont let me put one g. But anyways this is the love page! You can talk about love or upload photos! Enjoy (sorry sometimes im bad at descriptions...)
13 subscribers 4 members by gothicskittlescupcake
join if u ever faked being sick to stay home from school
if u have ever faked being sick cause u didnt wanna go today, tell me if ur plan worked and if u felt bad for lying and also if u have tell us ur sickness and how it went tell me the entire story1
32 subscribers 1 member by Even_When_Your_Gone_I_Feel_You_Close
Sonic OC drawing requests! (1)
So, you describe your OC(s), and I draw him/her/them! Form- Name: Looks: (you can use a picture) Species: I'm sorry if they take a long time ^-^'''
8 subscribers 1 member by AgnesTheCat
Shadameo supporters
For those who think shadow and and kameo are a good couple and not shadexis come here!
9 subscribers 1 member by Your_Average_Fangirl
Music and Celebrities
Updates on the latest music and celebrities actions! check it out if you want to know the latest gossip!
0 subscribers 1 member by GlitterGirl33
Listing page!
Do you have a list of something? Like maybe a list of songs you dedicate to people? Top cutest persons in your life? You should join this page! H33h33!
13 subscribers 2 members by xxxvanny

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