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on April 01, 2013
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Chapter Two: Blue Eyes
Chapter Two: Blue Eyes
Wow. Just, wow. I had no idea people was commenting and favouriting or even reading this. Thank you. Okay I'm just going to unleash what I'm actually feeling: THAAANKYOU!! OMG YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING!! I WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL HUGS!! THAAAAAANKKKKSSS!!!!
I wish I have something longer to post but I honestly gave up on this thinking it was well...shit. :P
Also, the whole opening is very bad so just ignore that. And did I mention, thank you?
Oh and the picture before is her, if she wasn'...
on April 01, 2013
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Slave to Love
A slave/master type of story - I understand I am not a professional and look for criticism and advice on how I can improve my writing :)
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on October 29, 2012