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Okay.. this is just random...(READ DESQRIPTION)
Okay... this is just for fun.. and I just want to see how many Hetalia fans there are on qfeat :D alright if you are a 100 percent Hetalia freak/fan SAY PASTA!! if you only know Hetalia but not really a fan.. just say VODKA :...
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Let's be annest.. you an Otaku?
lol to tell the truth I anm on my self.... if you don't know what Otaku means here is what it means!~ Otaku (おたく/オタク?) is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly (but not limited to) anim...
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Window 7 or windows 8?
Lol for me I HATE WINDOWS 8!! I so would go with windows 7~
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What was your first Anime/manga you read/watched?
lol Mine was Peach girl, it was a really good anime series :) to tell you the truth~
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*sigh* I have this friend that isn't being herself and it is making me heart broken...c-can you help me?(Completed!~)
I am really worried about her... w-what if were not friends anymore? We diddn't had a big all started with this news thing on Doctor who. She got really mad about it and told me about it which I don't even know Doctor...
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