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I like this one boy but my parents dont wat do i do
Ok i been texting my crush for a week thn he finally asked me out but my parents think he is like all the other jerks in this world but hes not he is sweet romantic etc. and we have alot in common and idk how to tell my parents...
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Who bought the hunger gams movie????
I just wondering who bought the movie i got it the first day
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Wats your fav. jb song off of believe
All around the world, Boyfirend, As long as u love me, Catching Feelings, Take u, Right here, Fall, Die in your arms, Though of u, Beauty in a beat, One love, Be alright, Believe, out of town girl, she dont like the lights, Maria
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have you sean Fred 3 wat do you think about it
I wanna pee pee on u i wanna pee pee on u i wanna pee pee on all of you jk thats gross but wat do u think about Fred 3 i think its funnyer than the second one
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I need help how do i get over a boy that you have liked for 2 years
ok so in 7th grade i like this one boy and i never stoped likeing him and in 8th grade i moved but i still really like him and cant get over it i need help
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why is the alot of 1D quizes??
i not a big fan of them i know alot of girls like them but why dose there have to be so much quizes of 1D
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