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Is it okay to want a boyfriend at eleven? girls answer only please!!!!
My mom and dad go nuts when they find out I like some boy let alone want to be in a relationship! I want to know what is wrong with that! I already am becoming a woman, I have had my period and a bra, what else do I have to do?...
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Halloween is coming soon and my house looks really crappy! What do i do?
I spent a while putting up decorations for my house ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I love halloween but my parents don't want me to spend that much for decorations! I don't want the kids in our neiboorhood to think that i am lame, ya know! ...
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i have been close friends with this boy for a few years and i now like him! what should i do?
okay, i am a girl and i like this boy! but we have been close friends for a few years and know that i like him it feels weird! i don't see him all the time so it is not like i know everything about him, i can't even tell if he ...
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