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Who's Your Favorite MLP character? (background or mane six, please chose 1)
Please chose one out of the mane six OR background ponies! I used to hate MLP but now I freaking love it xD
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This is important!
I follow back and I follow people who favorite my items or anything! if I haven't followed you back and your following me, say something in the comments! :3
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I forgot my iphone 5c password how do i reset my password on my iphone without deleting anything?
I forgot my iphone 5c password and i don't want to delete anything. does anybody know how to reset the password on an iphone 5c without deleting anything?!
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More followers?
I want some more followers; not that I'm not hapy with the ones I have now :D But it'd be nice to be noticed for once...
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Middle School Help? (NO weird stuff xD)
I'm going to go get my schedule for middle school and I'm probably going to forget my locker combination. I'm also probably going to forget where all of the classes are and stuff. My mom also makes me wear "Nice clothes" that a...
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QFeast won't let me do anything!
I can't post on my own profile, comment, or any of that kind of stuff! I don't have an email to use, so I pretty much can't do crap on QFeast! I don't know what to do :(
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Favorite How To Train Your Dragon Song?
I'm just wondering, what's your favorite song from HTTYD 1/2? Mine is Forbidden Friendship from the first film, and Where No One Goes from the second!
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What Are You Going To Use To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?
The item on your left (if there's nothing there, then your right) will be your weapon. The last food and drink you had is what you are going to live on (spend the rest of your life in the apocalypse eating and drinking). The cl...
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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Video Game
I'm trying to buy it, but I'm probably not going to be able to order it on eBay or Target on a computer, so I'm trying to find it in stores. if you bought it, where can you get it and how much does it cost? please help I really...
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What Do You Think? (Read Description)
Well, I'm going to make a tribute to my favorite TV show called Mountain Monsters. I'm going to add the song "This Is How We Roll" be Florida Georgia Line. Do you think I should?
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Is Middle School Hard?
I just had my middle school orientation today, and we took a tour of the building and stuff. THEY GOTTA LIBRARY THAT'S HUGE AND HAS WARRIORS SERIES!!!! But anyway, I'm nervous about middle school and stuff. Got any advice? (BTW...
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Warrior Cats: Who is your favorite leader out of these?
Who is your favorite leader out of these? Bluestar, ThunderClan leader (Guess what book he comes in if you want to, and btw he's not full leader in the book yet he hasn't gone to the Moonstone.) Nightpelt, ShadowClan leader Tal...
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Trick Question!
If a rooster lays an egg on a roof, which way will it roll, left or right?
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im in a bad mood, how do you calm down or cheer up
im in bad enough of a mood to not use grammar or correct typis typos I just repeat the word again when I spell it wrong. what do you do to calm down or cheer up when your in a bad mood? I really need help, this happens akll all...
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Who's better, Tobuscus or Pewdiepie?
I think Tobuscus is WAAAA(1 hour later) AAAA-well, you get the point; WAY BETTER! If you like Pewdiepie better I will punch your face through my computer.
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