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upvote peoples answers to this question. it gives u reputation points.
There was a little confusuion about this, but you get reputation points when someone upvotes your answer to a question. i know its not very clear in the title. sorry about that.
33 / 419 by Hyrule_Castle_Town
What Panic!at the disco song do you think you or me are?
2 / 3 profile questionby SuburbanToastDad
Which Gems are most likeable?
I am not asking, "who's your favorite gem?". I'm asking, "what type of gems do people admire the most?". For example, Pearls, Peridots, Lapis', Diamonds, Etc.
2 / 3 by Cool_kiddo
Who would be your Creepypasta boyfriend?
well it depeans on your personality and alot other things and if i had a choice to pick who i would date it would have to be TICCI TOBY.
10 / 2 by TicciToby10
How Many Dreams Have You Had In One Night?
So I am basically asking what is the most dreams you have ever had in one night at any time in your life. My total so far is four. All I did was wake up and fall back to sleep until I had to actually get up. So yeah, I'm just w...
5 / 0 by Demolition
What makes a thing cringey?
5 / 3 by Sevas_Ren
what is your harry potter wand?
4 / 0 by luckycat777
Any story ideas? (1)
4 / 3 by Orange.Soda
Did anyone break your heart?
did anyone hurt you? How many times & why ...
4 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
Thoughts on Hamilton?
Life. Reason why I live. Its just so amazing i cant beileve it made me curious about how the nation was discovered and all that and have you seen/heard Lin?Like omg i cant beileve how precious and amazing he is
5 / 2 by EclipsedWolf13
New Story in need of characters
I'm currently writing a new story. It's a horror, which centres around three young girls, who end up kidnapped, and are now fighting to stay alive. However, I can't supply all characters on my own, so I'd like some characters f...
11 / 0 profile questionby Weiss_Schnee
Do you think you are a loser?
I know I do! Do you?
106 / 141 by Thug_Life_As_A_Blonde
Is it possible to lick your elbow?!?!?
i know it sounds like a silly question but i want to know if anyone has done it, cuz' i CAN NOT!!!
63 / 28 by ashyj12
What color combinations you like?
Some like the combination of cool colors, warm colors others, what color combinations you like? for example - red with yellow, blue and green. I wait your answer honestly!
56 / 60 by Dedeea
How would you describe the current society?
8 / 12 by Vilight_the_storm_wolfgirl
What is your favorite video game? (3)
You can pick any game ( if it is not a game, then it should not be in the comments)
5 / 3 profile questionby GoldenFreddy2
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea!?
107 / 115 by American.Idiot
What is your favorite LoZ character?
Meh, Link, Zelda, Navi, Epona, or someone else from any other game I don't care.
8 / 4 by Lillypad354