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favorite animal? tell me!
just wanna know! my favorite animals are monkeys and wolves! whats yours? :3
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Whats the scariest movie you've ever seen?
just wanna know cause i am a huuuuge horror fan! ive seen everything from the exorcist to the texas chainsaw massacre!
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Are you agianst animal abuse???
Its super super sad when i hear a story on the news about animal abuse! Answer if you agree that it is disturbing and horrible!
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is bloody mary real?
Im to chicken to try it ;D can you tell me?
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should baton twirling be an olyimpic sport?
I do baton twirling and i think it is a very complex and interesting sport. U must be fast andd strong and graceful. I dont know why CURLING is a sport but baton isnt! Do you agree.
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what is better harry potter or twilight?
Endengered animals, do you care about them?
there are over 40,000,000 species of animals that are almost gone! do u care? i do! please lest try 2 help them! follow me 2 get my email and then email me ideas about these poor creatures.
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