HELLO WORLD! im creepylove12 and im very weird and witty. I love bands like breaking benjamin, linkin park, hollywood undead, and three days grace! I love Gravity falls and all the See More▼
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should i wright a story? (im thinking about transfering my watt pad one here wich is gravityfalls)
no your a te...
yeah go for it
i don't even...
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on November 03, 2015
im leaving ya'll BAI
on November 03, 2015
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on November 03, 2015
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on November 03, 2015
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is creepylove12 weird?
nah,shes awe...
YES! she suc...
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on November 02, 2015
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which creepypasta are you? (2)
this will include BEN,Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, slender man, jeff the killer, eyeless jack or sally! if you have suggestions, just tell me my lovies!
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on October 29, 2015