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what do you chose yes or yes
it's a dumb thing i say at school every goes with it
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does anyone know who HATSUNE MIKU is
just tell me also if you know rin or len or luka and more join the hatsune miku lovers
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why do we fall in love
i would like to know i mean i have a crush on so many guys
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who are these people and what anime r thier from
think people THINK its easy everyone loves this one if you don't GET OUT but if you guess im ok
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what anime is this and what is the anime characters???/
if you gets this right your are the must amazing person right yay!!!
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do emo people really cut themselves
i just want to know
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who has seen soul eater
just wondering i love soul eater even 'eye's turn into stars' deth the kid he's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'screams' yay
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